You must create a point of difference or you’re simply another vanilla ice cream that will quickly melt away.

You need to communicate the benefit of your point of difference. Otherwise others will have no interest. Allow me to explain:

In 1987, I made a bet with my friend, that I could get the radio station to play a song that I would record within 24 hours of me recording it.

My friend told me it was impossible as I cannot sing, write music, not in the music industry or connected to it.

To have no point of difference and follow the standard would be to:

  1. Find and hire musicians
  2. Record a demo record
  3. Have an A&R man at a record company listen to it
  4. Have him sell my record into a music programmer at a radio station or turn up at a radio station and ask politely if they would play my yet uncreated music…

All of the above will not work, because everybody in the music chain already follows a standard process

Not knowing anything about the music industry was to be my greatest gift as was Elon Musk with Tesla and the car industry.

Things don’t change people change things and to do the same is to achieve the same result.C

The question to ask is not “what is everybody else doing but what are they not doing” Herb Albert CEO of A&M records when signing the carpenters.

To follow the standard process would not allow me to get my song on the radio within 24 hours so I employed “News Jacking”

News jacking is where you create a parasite relationship to the host so no one knows who I am, but I attach myself to the star and be carried along.

By writing my song about a political leader running for reelection and recording it that evening with expensive musicians I found they could create the music and have the recording completed by 10.30pm

I took the “unprofessional” step of using overnight couriers to deliver 1/4 inch reels so curiosity would have radio producers listen to it first thing in the morning.

As a result I was contacted by two radio stations playing the song as part of their in the breakfast show.

Our brains receive over 1500 marketing messages a day so always present it in a way that people have never seen in order to cut through the clutter …

but our story doesn’t finish here.

My song became popular and as a result, I went on to write jingles for radio, and advertisers and create television

The point is always to have a point of difference in order to get noticed.


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