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He’s a legendary figure in the world of entrepreneurship, with over four decades of experience under his belt. He’s written best-selling books, created a massive following, and introduced the game-changing concept of We Buy Houses worldwide.

Rick is also a co-founder of We Buy Houses AI, a revolutionary software that makes it easy for real estate entrepreneurs to create property contracts in record time. With tens of thousands of students, it’s no wonder why Rick’s name is synonymous with success in the property industry.



Rick Becomes an Aussie Success on US Television

You may laugh at me in the video, but I had 22 million viewers and sponsorship from Dominos Pizza and Castlemaine XXXX brewery. In the role I was playing I was doing what I was taught when it came to communicating, “Keep your language so simple that even a 12 year old could understand it.”

Often we need to cut through the clutter and grab people’s attention by the scruff of the neck. Are you speaking in a language that your audience understands? Little did I know that I was learning to capture leads and why being paid by your results is a lot more profitable than being paid by the hour.


In 1989, Rick found himself in the middle of a unique real estate opportunity in Dallas.
Given that 1) there was no bank lending, 2) Texas property values had fallen by 80%, and, most importantly, 3) Rick had neither a job nor any money, Rick had to find a means to create money.

After $500 profit monthly, and 40 ready-made clients in his first transaction, he found creative ways to profit in real estate, and a new career was born.
By the year 1990, Rick established We Buy Houses in Dallas, and the in 2000, We Buy Houses started in Australia, and 2002 the UK was established. Now We Buy Houses is an Internationally Known Brand in many countries around the world.


By 2022, AI had exploded around the World, Rick saw the need to create AI specifically for the Real Estate Industry.
Now real estate professionals can create buying or selling contracts, as well as a paraphrase section that rewrites marketing, making writing property listings, yard signs, or facebook posts a breeze!



Power Books of Negotiation

These books are packed with innovative strategies and techniques that will help you achieve your real estate goals, how to think creatively and find opportunities where others see obstacles.
With step-by-step instructions and real-life examples, you’ll learn how to negotiate deals, structure profitable transactions, and build a portfolio of high-performing properties..


Master Attained Over 4 Years Has Provided The Maps For The Ultimate Creative Real Estate Training

With over 40 years experience, Rick has assembled the Ultimate collection of creative real estate training.
Rick’s ability to tackle a complex subject into simple money-making solutions is a reason why he is sought after all over the world.
Now you can watch many pieces of training in your time, at your pace. The We Buy Houses thinking is not just a philosophy, it’s a way to train your brain for profits.


Are you tired of being stuck in an office all day? Want to live a life of freedom and flexibility?
We Buy Houses Lifestyle is the perfect solution for you! Our innovative business models allow you to run your business from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an internet connection.
Imagine being able to work by the pool or on the beach, while still making money and building your real estate empire. With the We Buy Houses Lifestyle, you can achieve financial independence while living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Our proven system and expert guidance will give you the tools you need to succeed in the competitive world of real estate. Join us today and start living the life you deserve!


We Buy Houses Live

The Annual Creative Real Estate Event That You Cannot Miss! Each year, join thousands of entrepreneurs who come together for 4 days of the best creative real estate training in the world. Register Your Interest below, you’ll get early access to the next upcoming event

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